Watching the web

The web is in constant flux - with Journal One, nothing escapes your watch.

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Monitoring the market

Business woman with the current changes as an e-mail

You know precisely which web sites contain the information crucial to your business strategy. Do you however have the time and means to keep track of all of that information? With Journal One you are on top of your market. Let Journal One check websites for new content automatically. We notify you as soon as there is new content. This way you save valuable time, stay ahead of the game and don't miss a thing!


Consulting a customer about Journal One

You are creating web sites for your customers? Journal One is an invaluable tool for keeping track of your consumers and guaranteeing a long-term quality of your web sites. Whether one of your web sites has an error due to an erroneous change or whether your customer has not updated their home page in a while - Journal One has got you informed.


Editor creates an article with Journal One

A good editor keeps track of their sources but repeated scanning of unchanging web sites can be frustrating. How can you save yourself this hassle and focus on what is really important to your research? With Journal One you keep tabs on all of your online sources and are the first to know what is new. Better research takes less time.




Depending on the frequency with which your online sources change, choose whether you want a monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly notification. This makes it easy for you to plan precisley how and when you want to react to changes.


Journal One equips you with a solid visual comparison tool that lets you immediately see every little bit of change. This saves you time scanning through what you already know and lets you focus on what is new.


Instead of being active yourself, let Journal One do the job. You are notified via e-mail as soon as there is a change on your web sites of interest. Save yourself the pain.

Website history

Journal One saves all changes in a history. Want to take a look back in time and see in which order events unfolded?


Often you have to fill in forms to get to your content of interest. Journal One lets you automate the process of filling in forms, which buttons to push and which content to track.


The reports section lets you quickly eye a whole slew of web sites. Multiple tracked web sites are combined into a report so you can get to your content of interest even more quickly.


Journal One is not only a completely functional product but also comes with a guarantee for continuous support. We would love to help you solve your specific problems. For customers in Austria we are also more than happy to come visit in person.


Journal One is being developed in Linz, Austria. Every aspect of Journal One is being scrutinized continuously, new ideas are gathered and implemented. Journal One is a long-term product with a strong support.

How can Journal One help you observing your business crucial websites?

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